LAR Pensions LLC


Our company offers complete plan design, actuarial and administration services with respect to all types of qualified retirement plans. We are considered a Third Party Administrator firm (TPA) but our practices do not include the selling of insurance or investment products.

LAR Pensions is not affiliated with any specific Financial or Accounting Institution and can work with any provider as long as they are able to work with an outside TPA. As a result of this, LAR Pensions is enrolled with over twelve 401(k) vendors.

Plan Design

We work with Financial Advisors, Accountants and clients to understand their business, tax planning and other objectives in establishing or sponsoring a retirement plan which best meets the client’s needs. We design and prepare documents for 401(k), Profit Sharing / Offset Arrangements, and Defined Benefit/Cash Balance Plans using the New Comparability (Cross-Tested) allocation method for maximization.

Plan Administration

Our service package is complete and relieves the client of all the work connected with the administration of the plan. This package includes but is not limited to annual trust accounting, Plan valuation, preparation of required IRS 5500 form and attachments, distribution and loan processing. Your Company’s role is limited to providing basic employee census information, annual contribution objectives, company data and financial information. Our fees for this service are very reasonable.

Actuarial Services and Account Record keeping

We provide complete actuarial and plan cost analysis for defined benefit pension plans. For defined contribution plans, we provide full individual employee account record keeping reflecting all plan contributions, investments and forfeitures.